Watson and crick essay example

Hire Writer However, one of the most important, if not the most important factor that inspired Watson to locate a facility there was the opportunity to quickly grow the company through government contracts, albeit not the contracts that he would ideally like to have had. Most likely in anticipation of involvement in World War II, the US government in mid called upon Watson and his ingenuity to design and manufacture heavy artillery pieces for the military. While Watson was not particularly fond of this possibility, he was interested in the prospect of realizing the kinds of revenues that he would need to be able to bring his computer production goals to life.

Watson and crick essay example

In Feb, 28th that year, the scientist had figured out the structure of the DNA, which has the ability to unzip and make replica copies of itself thereby confirming doubts that Deoxyribonucleic acid DNA carries life hereditary information.

It was until that generation of genetic engineering that this discovery was made.

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Their stories is characterized by hubris as depicted from their classic memoir which states that their research of the double helix had limitless ambition, intolerance with authority, and contempt for their opinion.

Watson criticized some scientists not only for being narrow in their research but for stupidity. The joint research of the two scientists was inspirational as one of their colleagues commented that their resemblance in opinion was similar and produced high results Watson, In some perspective, the two scientists were an odd pair.

Crick was British and at thirty five years yet he had not pursued a Ph. They shared a strong desire to explore beyond boundaries.

Crick, a Physics researcher had moved to Biology and Chemistry due to the interest to find out the mystery between the living and non living. Watson had studied Ornithology but took a different career while pursuing post doctoral studies in Europe.

Apart from their scientific discovery, they had rendered a lot of effort and hypothesis in the search for the origin of life. In a conference in Naples, Watson claimed that he had seen an unclear ghostly image of the DNA with assistance of the X-ray crystallography. They later resolved their differences and Crick was attracted to studying DNA while the two were studying at Cambridge University.

The bonding of the two scientists and the vision of Watson at Naples conference was critical to the discovery of the DNA. Crick admits to Watson that it is the small doses of LSD that helped him unravel the mystery behind the structure of DNA and not the beer.

These none scientific facts are also viewed to have played a big role in discovery of the DNA. Rosalind Franklin was a British scientist who played a critical role in discovery and understanding of the structure of the DNA.

Discovery of DNA was characterized by competition and maneuverings by several scientists including Watson, Crick, Maurice and Franklin.

Watson and crick essay example

The two were working on projects related to DNA. Despite the negativity that women at that time received in the University dining rooms, Franklin persisted on her research project of the DNA. Her photographs of the DNA were regarded as the best by Bernal. ByFranklin had nearly resolved the structure of the DNA but was beaten by Watson and Crick because of the differences between her and Wilkins.

When Watson was showed a crystallographic picture of the DNA done by Franklin, he put it in an article on nature immediately.

This shows that Franklin contributions to the study of the structure of the DNA were significant. At a lecture seminar inFranklin presented two forms of molecules, types A and B where phosphates units were located on the outer parts of the molecules.

She stated the volume of water that was in the molecules corresponding to its structure and provided information that was necessary for stability of the molecule. She was the first scientist to gather this kind of information which was later used to attempt to make a model molecule.Watson and Crick Paper; Watson and Crick Paper.

Structure of nucleic acid proposed by Pauling and Corey Jean Watson ‘A Passion for DNA: Genes, Genomes, and Society’ Let us write you a custom essay sample!

For Only $/page. About kaja-net.com WATSON & CRICK The article, “Structure for Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid”, written by Watson and Crick, was a stepping stone on the path of .

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Watson and crick essay example

In the short stories. According to this typical scenario, such as the computer p. In their Nature publication, Watson and Crick announced their landmark discovery: DNA exists in the form of a right handed, three-dimensional double helix.

Watson and Crick basically tell that this is the blueprint for everything. This paper of Watson and Crick's discovery won the noble prize.

This would be because they discovered the blueprint. As the s began, Thomas Watson, Sr., founder of IBM, presided over a company that was a trendsetter and leader in the world of computing, which at that time were largely uncharted waters.

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