The personal life and travels of marco polo

See Article History Marco Polo, born c. The family had traded with the Middle East for a long time, acquiring considerable wealth and prestige.

The personal life and travels of marco polo

Years in China With the approval of Kublai Khan, the Polos began widespread trading ventures within his empire.

While on these business trips around the empire, Marco Polo demonstrated his quick mind and his ability to relate what he saw in clear, understandable terms. His reports, which formed the basis of his famous account of his travels, contained information on local customs, business conditions, and events.

It was in these reports that he displayed his talent as an objective and accurate observer. Kublai Khan read and used these reports to keep informed of developments within his empire.

All three of the European visitors were kept on as messengers and advisers. The younger Polo was used on several extended missions that sent him traveling over much of China and even beyond.

By his own account he came near the edge of Tibet and northern Burma. This relationship between the Polos and Kublai Khan lasted more than sixteen years, during which Marco served as Kublai Khan's personal representative in the city of Yangchow, China.

Leaving the khan Although the Polos enjoyed the profits of their enterprise, they longed to return to Venice to enjoy their wealth. They were prevented from returning for a time because Kublai Khan was unwilling to release them from his service.

Their chance to return to Europe came inwhen they were sent on a mission to Persia and then to Rome. The assignment represented Kublai Khan's way of releasing them from their obligations to him.

In Persia they were to arrange a marriage between one of Kublai Khan's regional rulers and a Mongol princess. They were forced to remain in Persia for nearly a year when the man who was supposed to be married died and a new groom had to be found. From the Persian court, the Venetians continued their journey home, arriving in after an absence of nearly twenty-five years.

Marco Polo did not return to Asia again.

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He entered the service of Venice in its war against the rival city-state of Genoa. In Marco served as a gentleman-commander of a ship in the Venetian navy. In September he was captured and imprisoned in Genoa. He was famous for his adventures, and as a result he was treated with unusual courtesy for a prisoner and released within a year.

Little is known of Marco Polo's life after his return to Venice. He apparently returned to private life and business until his death in Record of his travels While imprisoned in Genoa, Marco Polo related the story of his travels to a fellow prisoner named Rusticiano, a man from Pisa, Italy, who wrote in the romantic style of thirteenth-century literature.

A combination of Marco Polo's gift of observation and the writing style of Rusticiano emerged in the final version of Marco Polo's travels. The book included Polo's personal remembrances as well as stories related to him by others. In his book, which was translated into many languages, Polo left a wealth of information.

The information contained in his maps has proved remarkably accurate when tested by modern methods. His observations about customs and local characteristics have also been proven true by research. For More Information Collis, Maurice. Faber and Faber, Marco Polo and the Discovery of the World.

Yale University Press, The Travels of Marco Polo.

The personal life and travels of marco polo

Marco Polo and the Medieval Explorers. Chelsea House Publishers, Cleo Oct 22, 1:Book of the Marvels of the World (French: Livre des Merveilles du Monde) or Description of the World (Devisement du Monde), in Italian Il Milione (The Million) or Oriente Poliano and in English commonly called The Travels of Marco Polo, is a 13th-century travelogue written down by Rustichello da Pisa from stories told by Marco Polo, describing Polo's .

The television film, Marco Polo (), starring Brian Dennehy as Kublai Khan, and Ian Somerhalder as Marco, portrays Marco Polo being left alone in China while his uncle and father return to Venice, to be reunited with him many years later.

Culinary Arts and Personal Services; Education; Learn about Marco Polo's life and his travels to China, where he found some of the important ideas and items we use today. Marco Polo Lesson. Marco Polo’s travels provided Europe with a greater understanding of geography, and inspired many other travelers and adventurers.

Even today, there are those who have attempted to retrace his steps, thus highlighting the influence of this 13 th century Venetian traveler. Marco Polo is one of the most well-known heroic travelers and traders around the world. In my paper I will discuss with you Marco Polo's life, his travels, and.

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