Hamlet vs heart darkness

Despite superficially different settings and plots, there is a remarkably similar thematic element shared between both works. Prince Hamlet and Marlowe are brought to the very brink of insanity by their immersion in worlds gone mad, yet still succeed.

Hamlet vs heart darkness

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Upon the comparison of the nature of lies in both works, it is clear that selfish lies lead to destruction, and unselfish lies help to preserve life.

As long as Polonius is alive in the play, he continuously operates behind a false mask of loyalty and eloquence with the sole purpose of moving up on the chain of being. By showing that he has the ability to draw intelligent conclusions about the problems in court, he increases his chances of obtaining the genuine respect of the king and queen.

At the same time he is suggesting that he has the only solution to this difficulty Claudius and Gertrude are facing. His main purpose is to move up on the chain of being and, he would go as far as manipulating royalty, as well as taking advantage of his own daughter. Polonius thinks that he is an eloquent person, therefore he always talks excessively while making a point.

If Polonius were truly loyal to the king, he would not have an ulterior motive. Polonius needs to show loyalty to the king to gain what he wants, there for he is creating a false image of him self.

This behaviour ultimately costs him his life. His so-called intelligence suggested that he should volunteer to spy and make the king happy. Claudius claims to have taken over the throne, and married the queen for the best interest of the country.

Claudius did not want to risk an attack on Denmark by Fortinbras. He wanted to take over the throne to maintain order in court, therefore eliminating vulnerability in the country.

To maintain pure lineage, he decides to marry Gertrude the queen.

Hamlet vs heart darkness

Even though his actions seem to be for the best interest of his people, it is clear that he has selfish motives as well. Further more the mention of the queen comes in at last of his list. Gertrude do not drink.

I will, my lord; I pray you, pardon me. By not warning her, he has proven that the only thing he cares about is his throne. He hides the truth about the cup, because if he revealed it, he would have been exposed and his throne would be snatched away from him.

Similar to Polonius, Claudius meets his demise because of his cleverly deceptive nature.Heart of Darkness Darkness permeates every circumstance, scene, and character in Joseph Conrad's novella, Heart of Darkness.

Darkness symbolizes the moral confusion that Charlie Marlow encounters, as well as the moral reconciliation he has within himself while searching for Kurtz.

Comparing Shakespeare's Hamlet and Marlowe of Conrad's Heart of Darkness Prince Hamlet, of Shakespeare's famed tragedy, and Marlowe of Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness, are similarly situated characters. Shakespeare's Hamlet: compare and contrast Hamlet vs.

Examples of Archetype in Literature

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Hamlet vs heart darkness

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At an estimated cost of over $ billion, it. Hamlet Study Guide SparkNotes: Hamlet Hamlet by: William Shakespeare First performed around , Hamlet tells the story of a prince whose duty to revenge his father’s death entangles him in philosophical problems he can’t.

Hamlet Vs Heart Of Darkness. Lying is to delude one, for the purpose of concealing reality from that person. In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, characters like Polonius and Claudius are lead to their destruction by their selfish lies. In Conrad’s Heart Of Darkness, Marlow’s great lie, unselfish in nature, ensures the well being of Kurtz’s intended.

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