Compare and contrast book to movie the notebook

While a movie is quick and easy to digest it takes away the need for the viewer to fully comprehend everything that is going on and to use their imagination, they see only what the director wants them to see.

Compare and contrast book to movie the notebook

Blog Inspired Love Reviews views 0 God is with you. After finishing reading a book, I tend to feel and differently: If I am a canvas — the book is a paint and a brush.

The book emphasizes the importance of the relationship values, finding the time for each other and be truly present whilst you still can. Different in many ways, but still not being able to be without each other.

And that means the day and night are linked in a way that few things are; there cannot be one without the other, yet they cannot exist at the same time. The Book versus The Movie I finished the book yesterday and felt strongly compelled to watch the movie again the same day. In my opinion, the movie is a great addendum to a well-written novel.

One makes the other stronger.

Compare and contrast book to movie the notebook

The book itself gives a deeper understanding of the characters, their feelings, and emotions. It gives us a closer feel what they are going through where at the same time the movie gives us next to perfect setting to the whole picture.

Sometimes, when we first read the book and then go and see the movie we feel a bit of a letdown. I love both, the book, and the movie.

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I cannot tell categorically which is the best. I vote for both to come along as a set for establishing a good warm feeling of love, romance, and wisdom. I guess it is a good habit to keep. God is with you.Book Adventure’s gamified approach focuses on sustained engagement. Our game page features a best-in-class suite of logic, strategy, sports and adventure games where the high scorer’s personal avatar is showcased ratcheting up the competitiveness and capturing the learner’s interest in a .

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Differences between The Notebook Book vs Movie Page 2

It can be used as a journal, memo pad, field book, notepad or jot down any field note. What's the Difference between The Notebook the Book and The Notebook the Movie? In the Book: In the Movie Allie's mother comes and talks to both Allie and Noah.

She picks up Allie and drives her to show her the man she once loved. The notebook is written by Noah. It was written by Allie. Dear Twitpic Community - thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years. We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state. Most books are better than the movie, but I just felt the Notebook was a better movie than book.

The book was good, but the way the storyline was arranged in the movie just was easier to follow. In the book Noah and Allie meet in when she is fifteen, and he is eighteen. Apr 25,  · For the original German review, see here..

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Compare and contrast book to movie the notebook

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