Analysis of the spiral staircase

The contour plots of the stresses were described. The results show that every stress component in the film has the remarkable stress concentration at the intersection of the interface and the side of the film.

Analysis of the spiral staircase

History[ edit ] The chapel was commissioned by the Sisters of Loretto for their girls' school, Loretto Academy, in Francis Cathedral project, and suggested that the Sisters could make use of their services on the side to build a much-needed chapel for the academy.

The chapel was built from locally quarried sandstone and took five years to complete, being officially consecrated in Afterwards, it became a privately owned museum and wedding venue, while the rest of the Academy campus was demolished.

The Loretto Chapel spiral staircase Description[ edit ] Loretto Chapel is best known for its "miraculous" spiral staircasewhich rises 20 feet 6.

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The staircase is built mostly out of wood and is held together by wooden pegs and glue rather than nails or other hardware. The inner stringer consists of seven wooden segments joined together with glue, while the longer outer stringer has nine segments. The exact wood used to build the staircase is unknown, though it has been confirmed to be a type of spruceprobably non-native to New Mexico.

The staircase does not actually stand by itself: Joe Nickell identified as supports the inner wood stringer as well as an iron bracket attached to a column. According to a Washington Post column by Tim Carter, "It's a magnificent work of art that humbles me as a master carpenter.

To create a staircase like this using modern tools would be a feat.

Analysis of the spiral staircase

It's mind-boggling to think about constructing such a marvel with crude hand tools, no electricity and minimal resources. The theory of how to do it, to bend it around in a two-turn spiral, that's some difficult arithmetic there.

In response the nuns prayed for nine straight days to St. Josephthe patron saint of carpenters. On the last day of the novenaa mysterious stranger appeared and offered to build the staircase. He worked in seclusion using only a few simple hand tools and disappeared afterwards without the Sisters learning his identity.

More fantastical versions of the story have the work taking place overnight, while according to others it took six to eight months. The Sisters of Loretto viewed its construction as a miracle and believed that the mysterious builder must have been St. As the story spread, the staircase became one of Santa Fe's most famous tourist attractions.

Eventually, railings were added in by another craftsman, Phillip August Hesch. The stairs have been mostly closed to the public since the chapel became a privately run museum in the s.

In reality, the staircase is supported by its stringers just like a conventional straight staircase, although in this case each stringer is twisted into a helix.

Additionally, the use of wooden pegs rather than nails prevents degradation of the joints due to compression set as the wood swells against the nails due to changes in humidity or temperature.

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This may have been intended to limit the degree of vertical travel arising from the helical shape, which effectively makes the staircase behave as a giant coil spring and is part of the reason spiral staircases usually have a central support.

Even after this modification, users of the staircase reported "a certain amount of springiness". A key piece of evidence was a short article in the Santa Fe New Mexican describing his death by murder inwhich noted "He was a Frenchman, and was favorably known in Santa Fe as an expert worker in wood.

He build [sic] the handsome stair-case in the Loretto chapel and at St.

Design and Analysis of the Spiral Staircase in Large Steel Structure

At the time of his death, Rochas was reported to own an extensive set of carpentry tools including "five saws, a saw clamp and set, nine planes, nineteen moulding planes, two squares, five gauges, six chisels, two gouges, a draw knife, a brace, three augers, ten auger bits, a reamer, two clamps, and a pair of trammel points for drawing large circles ".

This staircase was described by Ripley's Believe It or Not! The paper wrote "It is tall, spiral, and without steel nails, but the wood is different.

It is in the town hall, of the 14th to the 16th century. How it was constructed, and whether there is a miracle story back of it, Mrs. Foster could not say. But she declared it is strikingly like St. Afterward, the previously all-male St. Michael's High School turned co-ed in order to accommodate the Academy's female students.Analysis of the Spiral Staircase This Research Paper Analysis of the Spiral Staircase and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on Autor: review • November 25, • Research Paper • 10, Words (42 Pages) • 2, Views4/4(1).

Based on this project profiles and steel stairs design standards, the appearance and the form of structure of the stairs be designed. And the spiral staircase’s overall modeling set. Calculated on the strength and deformation be analyzed by finite element analysis software.

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Comments on Robert Siodmak’s The Spiral Staircase () included the film’s temporal and geographical settings; its use of early cinema entertainment; the film’s plot; its heroine; the source novel; feminism and the film’s characters; the couple; the melodrama genre and more specifically gothic tropes such as the staircase.

Essay about Analysis of the Spiral Staircase This assignment will deal with The Spiral Staircase as a spiritual autobiography. It will not be in the form of one composite essay, but will rather address each question separately, as has been laid out in the original question.

The Spiral Staircase premiered in Los Angeles, California in December , opening in New York City two months later on February 6, This was followed by a national theatrical run, during which the film screened in various cities across the United States during Starring: Dorothy McGuire, George Brent, Ethel Barrymore.

Call it a marvel, call it an inspired feat of engineering, call it an aesthetic triumph -- the spiral staircase of Loretto Chapel is a work of beauty and deserves its status as an international tourist attraction.

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